damn if you do

April 24, 2013


all free or 1Lcheapie  except the hair ( 66L)

skin                      MyUglyDorothy / Special skin9 /1L

hair                      [e] Soft /Blonde2 / 66L

dress                   Dimbula Rose / Camping chair prize here

shoes                   lasstitude&ennui / Butler’s Hunt prize (old)

socks                   Lali’s Dotsy Knee Highs / lots of free items  here

hat                        World’s End Garden /part of Le Dernier Lamento outfit / Group gift

necklaces                1. Dahlinks /Chloe Back Knotted Pearls /Antique pink -old gift

                              2. [chuculet] / belle jewellery / pearl necklace – old gift

                              3.  Maxi Gossamer Jewellery/ Pink South Sea Pearl  -old gift

                              4. Lazuri / old gift-  but other group gifts available now.

bracelet                Lazuri /Classic Pearls / free set at marketplace here

❤ luc


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