May 13, 2013



skin  Mother Goose’s / Josette / Lucky Board

hair    Truth/ Elisha

top  AsHmOoT / Group Gift for Male

shorts   u.f.o / Lucky Board

headwings  BareRose Petite / free

bag    COCO / Group Gift ( new GroupGift is out!)

bracelets  DDL / Group Gifts ( wore 3 gifts)

shoes  Dot-Be / Unisex Gift – free on the counter ( check the other gifts!)


skin   Mother Goose’s / Anne / Lucky Board

hair   fri.Day / old gift – other freebies here!

outfit   u.f.o / Thank you Gift at the store

wings    BareRose Petite / free

boots  COCO / Group Gift

socks   LaViere / old gift

finger tapes  Duh / 1L


skin   Mother Goose’s / JoeIII / Lucky Board

hair   [e] Return /70L – on sale

top   u.f.o / Lucky Board

shorts   [IN]sight / Opening Gift ( also new group gift there!)

boots  mocha / The Seasons Hunt Gift -old

bag   JPK / Twinkie bag – free at Beginner’s Luck

headband   BCC – free at Beginner’s Luck

poses  noWow / nilGiha / nilGiha

❤ luc


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