December 16, 2013







skin  Essences /Olyvia01   – The Dressing Room Item 70L here

hair  Bliss Couture / Closing Hunt item (and a 50% sale)

wings  DruWear / Forbidden Apple Hunt   item67 /  1L

armwarmers  DruWear / Forbidden Apple Hunt   item67 /  1L

blindfold   DruWear / Forbidden Apple Hunt   item67 /  1L

panties  Sakide / Zombie Popcorn Hunt ( old item)

corset  Izzie’s ( from the Bunny Suit box in the Clearage Package.. you can find on the entrance counter for 10L)

pasties  Sassy /Zombie Popcorn Hunt ( old item)

necklace  Pure Poison / Bat Wings necklace – old Group Gift  -paid group/100L – (available  with all the other greaaaat old gifts!)

face tattoo   ni.Ju – pls check this slurl..the store seems to move to this place but not sure about the free items 😦



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