January 2, 2014


skin   Essences /Opera Chic  – The Dressing Room Item (old)

hair  little bones / Group Gift / Monday

look left

sweater  Hippo / Bohemian – free at the Marketplace here

socks  Mother Goose’s / free

shoes  Duh / free

hair bow  Chandelle / gift17 / 3L ( last week for the 0L-50L sale!)

pose  Label Motion / old free gifts  ( in front of the counter!)

look right

skirt   Lamp light / 1L at the Marketplace here ( it comes with a 4 colour HUD)

top  Chandelle / gift 14 / 5L ( many more gifts priced from 0L to 8L! last week!)

glasses  LOLO / opening gift here

boots  Duh / free – wearable demo

penguen   Skyrah / free gift under the tree ( lots of free stuff here!)

pose  Le Poppycock



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