in search of

May 3, 2014

in search of

skin   Birdy /Daenerys – old event item

hair  Boon

dress   NYU – FLF item still available!

tote-bag   Pixicat – free

fedora  (epia) – old MegaStuff Hunt item but a very similar one  on sale!

glasses  Vooza  – 125L   (sorry they are not free anymore  but you can get a similar pair for free at the Marketplace here)

boots  free at the Marketplace here

pose  nilGiha



I <3 FLF

May 2, 2014



skin  Birdy / Lilly

hair  Lamb / Craft Spells

pants  Pixicat  for FLF

pumps  Miel for FLF

bustier  Zaara here

jacket  COCO

cigarette  Cat’s Dirt –  There are many freebies at this store!

pose LePoppycock



heavy heads of mine

May 1, 2014

heavy heads of mine

skin   Birdy /Daenerys  here

hair   Boon 

poses  LePoppycock



tee  Loletta – 1L at the Marketplace here

shorts  LRH – 1L at the Marketplace here

antlers  TBF – 10L at the Marketplace here

sandals  Candydoll -160L

cupcake stick   free at the Marketplace here

mickey neck tattoo  IAF – more free stuff at the store!

heart tattoo  Milkshake _ 1L at the Marketplace here

lipstick  Tilly – free at the Marketplace here


tee  Yokana – GGift / 1L fee to join

leggings  Zup – 1L at the Marketplace here

shoes  Eudora – 10L for the Group Members

antlers  TBF – 10L at the Marketplace here

lips  Pink Acid – store gift#2


dress  MIMOSA – 10L at the Marketplace here

antlers  TBF – 10L at the Marketplace here

sandals  HollyHood – here  not there anymore! but check the mainstore for other GGifts.

glasses  free at the Marketplace here

lips  free at the Marketplace here

tote  😦 cannot find it anymore




phosphenes of mine

April 30, 2014


skin  Essences /Amaranth  here – worn with Essences Hangover Lipstick03-

hair  Boon

tee  Bettlebones – free at the store

shorts  [snug!] – free (more gifts at the store; check the vendors!)

shoes  Elysium / The Runway Hunt item – 5L (you need to have  JD Tip Toe Mesh feet-395L- for these pumps.)

kungfu spittoon  bbqq – 1L here

watch  Big O – free GGift

glasses  free- search for Sunglasses 1 at your Library/Inventory

pose  Le Poppycock




battle fields of mine

April 29, 2014

battle fields of mine

skins   Birdy /Daenerys  here    event ended.

hairs     LeLutka / Alice

blood stains    Sugar Button – from this store and part of a folder called “Horror Doll Outfit”. It seems to be in my inventory since February but  I have no idea how I got it.sorry!)- check the store for more GGifts and Lucky Chairs!

eyes   Chus  / Judas Ghost lenses -free (even though my av’s eyes are almost not there.)

pose  Le Poppycock


look left

dress   DruWear – The Great Pyramid Hunt item (one day to go!)

helmet   Atlantis CGD –  free at the Marketplace here  ( lovely item to give as a gift at the Marketplace! )

sword back   free at the Marketplace here

machete hand   (editted to be bigger) free at the Marketplace here


look right

dress  Katatonik / 350L

helmet  Atlantis CGD / Lucky Board

sword  free at the Marketplace here

necklace  Elysium / MegaStuff Hunt item- old




hobgoblins of mine

April 26, 2014

hobgoblins of mine

poses  Le Poppycock

look 1

skin   Vive9 /Ginta  (old item)

lips  Tilly / free at the marketplace here

hair   Boon /  280L

top  Chemistry / Echo tank top – 250L at the Marketplace here

skirt  =NM=Lolita / Lucky Board for Group

shoes  SMC / Lucky Board here

hair band GP / Japan Fair gift-old


skin   Birdy /Daenerys  here    event ended.

hair  Lamb -299L

top  SONYE\O/ – Gatcha item for 60L

shorts  1L set  at the Marketplace here

glasses  Amala / old FLF item but they are on sale for 98L atm!

shoes – this weeks FLF item ( still available.)

pochette  C’est la Vie – this weeks FLF item ( still available.)

snoopy on head  M*G*S / free


skin   Vive9 /Ginta  (old item)

hair  RunAway -275L

dress  SONYE\O/ / Group Gift ( 50L fee to join!)

headdress  Etinceler – hunt item

flats   alaskametro – 10L here at the Marketplace

mirror  NanTra – the Monochromatic Fair gift here


thanks for the tips Cherie! ( great blog to follow hunts, gifts and freebies!)




April 12, 2014


skins     Vive9 /Ginta  (old item)

lips  Tilly / free at the marketplace here

poses  Le Poppycock


look 1

hair   Lamb

headband   Pautina / free at the marketplace  here

blouse    M&W / free at the marketplace here

skirt   Milky Way / Lucky Board for Group Members ( it is part of 2 set)

tights   Izzie’s / 150L

shoes   tea.s / old FLF item 😦  ..  nice stuff at the store 🙂

tattoo  Mother Goose’s / among other group gifts

bag    IS /free

look 2

hair    Boon /  280L

dress   TokiDoki / Group Gift ( 250L fee to join!)

earrings   Pure Poison / Group Gift  (not sure about the fee but it defo worths to pay!)

shoes    MissLT / Group Gift at the store

look 3

hair    LittleBones – this was free colour demo but no more available. you can get Black Magic hair as colour demo for 5L-

top    Faun. / Group Gift ( 100L fee to join now!)

skirt    Izzie’s /  in Clearout Package 1 – there are 2 packages.. each for 10L!

shoes   MPP / MegaStuff Hunt item #14





April 11, 2014


skin     Vive9 /Ginta  (old item)

hair   Boon /  280L

over-all  red  M*G*S / Lucky Board

over-all green M*G*S / Lucky Board here

tee  M*G*S / Group gift ( free to join)

snoopy  hold  M*G*S / Group gift ( free to join)

snoopy floor  M*G*S / Lucky Board

glasses  T.C / 1L – at the marketplace here

lips  Tilly / free at the marketplace here

sneakers  LilithDesign / lucky Board

socks  Arai

candy  Japan Fair / Edelweiss – free at the fair  area

hopscotch  package of the store Hopscotch – can not find the store atm!



January 18, 2014


shoes  ATHOR / free – Group Gift

skin  Birdy / Ingrid

hair   Boon

jumpsuit  [ celoe.audrey]

earrings  Modern.Couture

pose  nilGiha



January 14, 2014


skin     Vive9 /Ginta  (old item)

hairs   Boon / each 280L

look 1

sweatshirt   Sheep Door / Lucky Board for Group members

skirt   Ricielli / old hunt gift –  15L at the store

boots  TBO / Group Gift

glasses  QT / free

headband  .d. / free @ Marketplace here

books  .n../ 1L @ Marketplace here

pose  Label Motion / free ( in front of the counter)

look 2

dress  CaKe / Group Gift

socks  Pig / free  @ Free Dove ( part of the full outfit)- tinted them!

boots COCO / free  (outlet is gone but you can get free boots as a group member also!)

headband  [nh] / 1L @ Marketplace here

pose  Le Poppycock

look 3

dress  Mikunch / free

boots  VG / Group Member Discounted item/ 50L

socks  Edelweiss / free

lolli horns  Strawberry Jam / Group Gift

pose  Le Poppycock


jumper   Strawberry Jam / Group Gift

pants  kal rau / Group Gift

boots  VG / Element The 8th VIP Group Gift @ GOL  ( in the picture, I am wearing a similar pair indeed which is an old gift!)

headband   [nh] / 1L @ Marketplace here

tattoo  Pinky Gals/ free gift